Kekec ski kindergarten


children from the age of 3 to 6

every day

from 12.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m.

price: see price list below


  • The ski kindergarten runs from 12:00 to 14:00.
  • Children learn about skiing through fun snow games.
  • Children can join the course any day of the week.
  • The ski carousel ticket is not included in the price (3 €).
  • At Kekec Ski Kindergarten, you can rent skis, poles, ski boots, and a helmet.
  • Children who have attended the ski kindergarten for at least three days will receive a free diploma and a medal.
  • Kekec Ski Kindergarten runs on a children’s ski carousel near the Kekec Ski School in Kranjska Gora (directly next to the Dolenčev Rut chairlift).
  • The assembly of students is 15 minutes before the start of the course every day before the Kekec Ski School in Kranjska Gora. Have your children dressed in a ski suit and ready to start.
  • Parents are asked to trust our trained ski instructors and move beyond their child’s field of vision. Otherwise, the work of ski teachers is challenging.
  • Parents should leave children at Kekec Ski School and pick them up at the same place. In no case shall the child be left or picked up at the ski carousel. Always in front of the Kekec Ski School.
  • Kekec Ski Kindergarten is organized upon registration of at least three participants.

Price list – Kekec ski kindergarten

2 HOURS (120 minutes) Course Course + equipment
1 day x 2 hours 40 € 45 €
2 days x 2 hours 72 € 84 €
3 days x 2 hours 102 € 118 €
Extra day 33 € 38 €
* Ski Kindergarten Kekec is for children between 3 and 6 years old. Ski pass for magic carpet is not included in the price. 1 hour lasts 55 minutes. There are no additional discounts for group courses.
** More details about the course HERE.

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